At 6Wunderkinder, I worked as a UX Engineer—building front-end experiences for native applications and the web. From the early days of Wunderkit, to the critically acclaimed Wunderlist, I've worked with world class developers and designers to build software that people love.
Knightly Rage
I once built a game, it was a fun project. From the hand-made animations and the painted backgrounds to the code that powers it, I learned a lot from this tiny, single-button game. Give it a go—be warned, it's a hard game.
Sticky Notes
At Microsoft, our small team set out to create a note taking application that could meet or exceed the power of physical Sticky Notes. On this team, I designed interfaces and systems for a cross-platform experience that millions of people use today. Available for Windows, iOS & Android
Sometimes I take photos, here are some favorites.
I like to illustrate for fun, I think these turned out best. You can purchase most of them at gg.cool
🔒 Secret
I worked for a contracting firm building computer-based training software for some government agencies. The nature of this work is confidential, but I can tell you that this period in my life taught me a lot about working with delicate constraints & what it's like to work with a large company.
👋 Howdy
My name is Adam, i'm a designer currently working at Microsoft from Berlin, Germany. If you want to reach out, find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

What's going on in this photo? am I taking a picture of myself in a dark hallway with my GR2? If that was your guess, then you are correct!